Calumet Pasty Company
Authentic U.P. Pasties and Polish Kitchen



Meat Pasty.......7.25  w/gravy...8.25      

Chicken Pasty...7.25 w/gravy..8.25                 Mini Pasty.........3.25                                                                    


1.) Kielbasa (2pieces) choice of fresh or smoked  plus 2  sides 8.95

2.) Meatloaf plus 2 sides.........................8.95 (not available June thru August)

3.) Stuffed Cabbage (3) plus 2 sides........8.95

4.) City Chicken (3) plus 2 sides...............8.95    

5.)Fried Ring Bologna & Onions plus 2 sides..8.55      Sides: Potato Pancake, Mashed Potatoes, Saurkraut,

6.) Polska Platter: 1 Stuffed Cabbage, 1 City             homemade applesauce, 2 Pierogi, GreenBeans

Chicken, 1 Kielbasa plus 2 sides.............9.25             Fried Onions

7.) Meatballs & Gravy on Toasted Sub Bun Plus 2  sides...8.95 



*Cudighi Sandwich  5.95  A unique 6oz. Sausage patty found only in the S.W.region of the U.P.

                 Served on Onion Roll w/mustard and onions or pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese 

*Poutine  3.95 (It's a Canadien Thing) 1/2 lb. of fries topped with gravy & white cheddar cheese curds

               *Fries only..2.45

*6 Pierogi (Your Choice)........................6.55   Cheese, Potato & Cheese, Garlic Potato and Bacon,

                                                                        Saurkraut, Jalapeno Cheddar *Meat (additional charge)*

                                                                    Served with choice of: Applesauce, Fried Onions or Sour Cream

*Fresh or Smoked Kielbasa on Bakery Bun..4.95  Topped with a little Horseradish and homemade Kraut

*Homemade Potato Pancakes (3)............6.55  Served with choice of Applesauce or Sour Cream

*Desert Pierogi: Apple or Cherry..... .95 cents each


*Polish Burrito..4.29 or 2 for 8.25  Grilled Smoked Kielbasa, onions, bacon and seasoned saurkraut

                                                        wrapped in a flour tortilla  

*Panko Breaede Pork Chop Sandwich....5.95

*Fresh Kielbasa Burger..8.35 My own fresh kielbasa formed in a 6 oz. patty served on an onion roll  with        w/ cucumber salad or Dill Pickle Pasta Salad or Fries ( Burger Only 6.25 )                                             

*Stuffed Cabbage Burger..8.35 My Stuffed Cabbage Mixture formed in a 6 oz. patty and coated with my       cabbage roll sauce and cooked cabbage leaves served on an onion roll  w/ cucumber salad ,or Dill Pickle Pasta Salad or Fries ( Burger Only 6.25)   
*Ring Bologna & Onion Burger..8.35 Served on a toasted onion roll and topped w/mozzeralla cheese. Comes with choice of:
, dill pickle pasta salad or fries. (Burger Only 6.25)


Cup   2.49

Bowl 3.49

Daily: Dill Pickle 

Monday & Tuesday: 



during spring and summer months we only make  the daily soups

In Sept. thru April a special Soup of the Day is added. This changes constantly.


Pasties     6.55  uncooked   6.95 pre-cooked (Types: Meat, Chicken, Breakfast)

Pierogi      7.95dz (we also make a breakfast Pierogi)

Stuffed Cabbage 22.00 dz

Fresh Kielbasa  5.29 lb.

Vegetable Pasty 6.35